Dubai is not only a major international business center but also a thriving fashion destination. It is a stunning metropolis where modernism and rich traditions coexist harmoniously. The city offers a stunning selection of traditional clothing, with the abaya serving as a symbol of cultural refinement among the tall skyscrapers and busy markets.

There are several malls and shops where you can buy abayas in Dubai. This city offers abaya fashion to suit a wide range of tastes, from the busy souks of Deira to the luxurious stores of Downtown.

This introduction reveals the charm of shopping for abayas in Dubai, where ancient customs mix with modern styles to create a distinctive fashion mosaic that captures the essence of the city’s multiculturalism. We have an article about the complete history of Abaya that has interesting information for you.

Dubai Abaya Shops

If you are looking for Dubai Abaya shops, Modern Dry Cleaners is suggesting some shopping malls in Dubai where the best Abaya shops are offered to people of all tastes and budgets.

  • Dubai Mall:
  • Nestled within the heart of the city, Dubai Mall hosts renowned international and local designers, presenting a luxurious abaya shopping experience.
  • Shopping for abayas in Dubai is made even more enjoyable by the city’s largest department store, which features stylish surroundings and sophisticated Arabian patterns. Galeries Lafayette, housed in Dubai Mall, the largest fashion and entertainment destination worldwide, is brimming with sophisticated designers.
  • Mall of the Emirates – The best place to buy abaya

This iconic shopping destination combines luxury and variety, featuring dedicated sections for traditional Arabic attire.

The oldest and most well-known mall for traditional Arab products, such as sheila, abayas, and fragrances, is called the Mall of the Emirates.

The Mall of the Emirates Center is reasonably priced and provides a wide assortment of the newest Sheila and Abaya styles at the lowest possible cost.

Deira Souk (Spice and Gold Souk):

Deira’s vibrant souks are treasure troves, with some shops offering beautifully crafted abayas amidst the spice and gold stalls.

The Deira Souk, which specializes in everything from bridal dresses to everyday wear in a variety of shapes and patterns, is one of the best places to buy abayas in Dubai. Make sure you pick up a personalized Arabian abaya at the mall’s on-site tailors before you depart the city. 

Bur Dubai Boutiques:

Explore the cultural richness of Bur Dubai, where Al Fahidi Street and surrounding areas house numerous standalone abaya boutiques.

It is a good place to look if you’re looking for an affordable abaya in Dubai. Their price-to-quality ratio is superb.

Dubai Design District (d3):

Discover the fusion of tradition and innovation at d3, where emerging local designers showcase their contemporary abaya creations.

Famous people all over the world, like 3D in Dubai. Their abaya jackets offer a chic spin on the traditional garment, and her feminine designs play with structure and movement through the use of elegant frills and loose silhouettes. 

Dragon Mart:

For a unique shopping experience, Dragon Mart offers a diverse selection of abayas, blending affordability with variety.

Dragon Mart is an Arabian fashion concept that produces custom designs with specifications for raw silk, hand embroidery, lace dentelle, sheer paneling, and digital prints. Expert seamstresses who work for the store can spend days perfecting every last stitch, making a modern abaya or kaftan to fit you perfectly.

Global Village:

During the Global Village season, pavilions representing different countries offer a chance to explore and purchase abayas from various cultural influences. It should come as no surprise that Global Village creates modest clothing that is a work of art and has gorgeous, sophisticated silhouettes with a playful edge. The designers frequently produce recognizable designs with Arabian influences, bringing vibrant hues and delicate embellishments like beaded and floral embroidery to traditional styles.

Ibn Battuta Mall:

Themed around the travels of Ibn Battuta, this mall houses stores offering ethnic and traditional clothing, including distinctive abayas.

At Ibn Battuta Mall, there are the city’s most sophisticated abaya stores, which provide an amazing selection of modern options in a range of cuts and materials. This mall is renowned for its exquisite designs, vibrant colors, and carefully chosen fabrics. 

Dubai Outlet Mall:

Shop for discounted abayas without compromising on quality at Dubai Outlet Mall, where various brands offer affordable options.

The Outlet Mall has a large abaya outlet that is dedicated to abayas and sheilas and consists of multiple shops and boutiques.

This abaya outlet has over fifty stores offering abayas in a variety of styles and quality levels.

Online Platforms:

Embrace the digital era by exploring online platforms and e-commerce websites that specialize in traditional Arabic clothing, allowing for convenient abaya shopping.

Al Ghurair Centre:

This mall in Deira is home to both international and local fashion brands, providing a diverse range of abaya options.

Al Ghurair Centre is a well-known fashion brand for Arab women that has been in the Middle East for more than 30 years. This is one of the best abaya shops in Dubai for finding trendy clothing for fashionable Arab women, and it has multiple branches throughout the city.

The abayas at Al Ghurair Centre combine traditional designs with a dash of modernity. They are stylish, functional, and made for maximum comfort. 

Mercato Shopping Mall:

Designed in the style of a Renaissance-era Italian village, Mercato offers a unique setting for abaya shopping, with a mix of boutiques and brands.

Mal’s Mercato Shopping Is black your new beige when it comes to clothing? Mercato Shopping Mal guarantees to infuse your mostly black abaya collection with a vibrant array of prints, colors, cuts, and styles.

City Walk:

Combining retail with urban living, City Walk features chic boutiques where you can find contemporary abayas, reflecting the city’s cosmopolitan vibe.

Various boutiques at City Walk offer you a lovely selection of abayas, regardless of whether you’re looking for sophisticated formal wear or just basic ones for daily use.

This upscale abaya shop in Dubai is well-known for its exquisite tailoring and cutting-edge styles that suit Arab women perfectly. Their shops can be found in Arabian Center, Beach Center, and Dubai Mall.

where to buy cheap abaya in Dubai 

If you are looking for a cheap Abaya in Dubai, there are some destinations where you can buy affordable and best-value Abayas.

Abaya Mall, Abu Hail Center – Mamzar Center – Dazzle Abaya Boutique – Bedoon Essm

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When it comes to laundry, abayas are usually crafted from lightweight materials like cotton, chiffon, or silk—easy to wash and dry. Adorned with delicate embroidery or beads, they demand special care, often prompting women to hand wash to prevent damage to machines.

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