if you have a plan to visit Dubai in December and want to know the dress guide, then you are at the right destination. What to wear in the winter in Dubai? Even though many people look forward to winter in various nations, many others fear the cold. This is probably because those who live in colder regions of the world already experience winter-like conditions most of the year, which makes them dislike severe winters.

In contrast, Dubai offers a unique winter experience with mild temperatures. By embracing the local culture, you might find comfort in traditional dress options.

The winter months will therefore probably necessitate travel to get away from these conditions, and where better to go than the Gulf? Due to its popularity with travellers from all over the world, Dubai expects a large influx of visitors during the winter.

Conversely, a lot of people would desire to experience Dubai’s environment and love going there year-round. But eventually, won’t these folks all run against the same issue? What should we wear in Dubai?

Winter Weather in the UAE

While snowfall is a rarity in the UAE, winter temperatures from December to February hover around 60-70 degrees, akin to Southern California. Light layers suffice for this mild climate, with temperatures rising to the low eighties during the day.

An occasional light jacket or sweater proves handy for subtle temperature variations. Though precipitation is infrequent, dust storms, known as haboobs, are more common.

These storms, carrying fine particulates, can make breathing challenging. Packing sunglasses and a shawl becomes a practical choice to shield against unexpected dust storms, emphasizing the unique considerations for dressing in the UAE’s winter.

December Packing List for the UAE

  • Sunglasses
  • Scarf or shawl
  • Light sweaters
  • Long-sleeve blouses
  • Light jacket
  • Long, loose-fitting pants
  • Midi-length skirts and dresses
  • Maxi-length skirts and dresses
  • Swimsuit
  • Swimsuit coverup

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Knee-Length Dress for Sunny Winter Days in Dubai

As previously said, knee-length dresses are a great option for winter wear in Dubai. Although it’s winter and it appears like grunge and dark colours are popular right now, I advise you to go for brighter hues like lime green, which will go well with Dubai’s sunny feelings.

Wear this dress with chic trainers, and tuck a beige or white scarf into your purse so you can cover up if needed.

Look for Cosy and Chic Solutions

It’s important to wear the preppy schoolgirl appearance when dressing up, so you don’t want to miss it. But you may play around with the style! For instance, get a leopard print skirt in place of a plaid one, and get a denim button-up instead of the typical white one!

To fit the theme, wear knee-length socks with your low-top trainers or a pair of black boots. This combines style and comfort.


If I want to wear knee-high boots, my go-to outfits are knee-high boots with skirts. Take them out and wear them with a sophisticated tube skirt or shorts in the same hue—preferably dark—and top them with a lighter hue to create contrast.

Either a button-up or a basic blouse will work just as well! Accessorizing this ensemble with hoops would be the ideal finishing touch.


Wear a Chic Jacket Over Your Matching Sets to Add Style

Nothing is more gorgeous than a set of matching tops and pants! This outfit will not disappoint, regardless of whether you have a suit that you put together or are just fortunate to have two pieces that match exactly.

If you don’t already have an outfit like this in your bag, add an outfit like this to your shopping list. Black may be more difficult to put together because of its various tones, but it’s still worth the effort.

Because of how nice this outfit might appear, add a denim jacket to give it a cool mood and avoid seeming like you’re heading to work.

Don’t forget to wear some minimalist gold jewellery with black clothing since it always looks great.


A couple of light sweaters are perfect for layering, providing just enough warmth without feeling too heavy. Whether you’re exploring outdoor attractions, enjoying a desert excursion, or experiencing the city’s vibrant nightlife, these versatile layers ensure you’re prepared for the slight temperature variations. Opt for breathable fabrics to stay comfortable during the day and to easily adapt to the pleasant winter atmosphere in Dubai.

Maxi-length skirts and dresses

Maxi-length skirts and dresses are a chic and practical choice for packing in December when visiting Dubai. The mild winter temperatures, ranging from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, create a comfortable environment for these flowy and elegant outfits.

Maxi dresses provide modest coverage, respecting cultural norms while keeping you cool in the daytime and offering a bit of warmth in the evenings. 

Match the Sunset for Your Cruise Day in Dubai

You will undoubtedly go on a cruise under the winter sun because Dubai is known for its cruises, and winter sunsets are especially breathtaking.

In this situation, deciding what to wear can be difficult because there are two extremes to the colour spectrum: brilliant or dark. If you want to stand out, light colours are not an option.

Therefore, I would advise using hues like orange or yellow that blend well with the sunset palette.

However, if the cruise is taking place at night—which is uncommon in the winter—then dark hues like black might be just as effective.

To shield yourself from the wind, you might get a yellow boho dress in your preferred design and wear it with a white crop jacket on top. The two hues will blend in and stand out beautifully.

Leather Pants

Why not complement the skyline with some terrible and boujee clothes, as Dubai is home to all of the world’s bad and boujee architecture?

Remember that an all-black ensemble paired with black leather trousers is sure to turn heads. 

I would recommend leather boots, but since they will blend in with the surroundings too easily, they won’t draw attention straight away. Instead, wear some brightly coloured shoes with this ensemble.

The best thing about leather trousers is that they work well for both day and night, so you may wear them in the morning and include them in your evening ensemble.

 Try Flannel As Your  Outfits

You can benefit from the decades-long popularity of flannel shirts.

To get the best effect, get some worn-out flannels in your closet and wear them with corduroy trousers.

The nicest thing about this pair is that the trousers will keep a portion of your body warm even if the flannel you’re wearing isn’t winter-appropriate, which is sufficient in a city like Dubai.

Bright Coats on the Coldest Days.

Though everyone seems to prefer neutral-coloured coats and jackets, I have to step in and point out that vibrant colours are extremely underappreciated.

Yes, they don’t go with every ensemble, but if you enjoy taking chances and trying new things, you really need to buy at least one brightly coloured coat, like the red one below.

It can be worn with a white or black dress, or even one that is neutral in colour as long as the accessories are simple and don’t draw attention away from the coat.


Packing a swimsuit for a December trip to Dubai might seem unconventional for a winter destination, but it’s a smart choice.

While the temperatures in Dubai during December are mild, ranging from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, many hotels and resorts in the city offer heated pools or access to the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf. Having a swimsuit on hand ensures you can take advantage of these amenities, providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience even during the winter months.

Swimsuit coverup

A swimsuit cover-up provides modesty when transitioning from the water to other areas, aligning with cultural norms. It also serves as a versatile piece, allowing you to effortlessly move between beach activities and other attractions.

Whether you’re unwinding by a heated pool or exploring the coastline, a swimsuit cover-up ensures you’re comfortably and stylishly prepared for the diverse experiences Dubai has to offer in December.

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