Privacy Policy

The website and our mobile application (collectively, the “Site”) are owned and operated by Moderndrycleaners. We are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of all users. To learn more about how we use and safeguard your information, please read the privacy statement that follows. Regarding the information you send us, we will act as the “data controller.”.

Details of contact

Please use the information below to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this privacy statement or our general handling of your data.

through getting in touch with our general customer support staff at

by sending an email to

Our data protection officer

How was your information gathered by us?

When you use our services or interact with us, such as when you place an order through our site, we collect your personal information. To enhance customer satisfaction and provide better services, we also monitor how users interact with our website.

We want to be transparent about the kinds of information we will gather from you as part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of our clients and users of our site in general.

You are required to enter personal information about yourself, such as your name, contact information, delivery address, order details, and payment information (credit or debit card information), when you visit the Site or place an order with Moderndrycleaners through the Site.

We also gather data about how you use the site, information from any messages you leave on them, and information from interactions with us—such as emails, letters, phone calls, or chat features—as well as information about you. When you call us, we record the conversation for training and service enhancement purposes and take notes about the call.

Your computer or mobile device’s operating system, kind of device and connection, and IP address are only a few of the technical details we gather from them when you visit our website.

Additionally, when you use a mobile device to access our services, we gather technical information about it. Examples of this information include carrier, location data, and performance data like mobile payment methods and interactions with other retail technologies like NFC Tags, QR Codes, and/or mobile coupons. This information may be automatically collected and utilised by us if you use the service through your mobile device(s) via any Moderndrycleaners mobile application, through your mobile’s browser, or in any other way, unless you have chosen to remain anonymous through your device and/or platform settings.

We only process your health information with your voluntary cooperation, such as when you disclose any skin allergies.

Use of your information

Only when there is a legitimate reason and it is approved by data protection law will we process the information we gather about you? If we need to process your information to fulfil your request for a service or to enter into a contract, we will have a legitimate reason for doing so. If not, we may process your information because we have your consent, a legitimate reason, or a legal requirement.

We use your information when necessary to fulfil your request for a service or to enter into a contract, including:

to allow us to give you access to the pertinent areas of the Site, to fulfil your request for services, to allow us to take payment from you, and

to get in touch with you regarding our services if needed, including resolving any problems you might be having with your order.

Additionally, we process your data when we have a legitimate reason to, such as when we personalise our service and need to process data to expedite and simplify the ordering process for you.

to make it easier for our customer support team to assist you with any questions or complaints in the most effective manner possible; to improve the efficacy and quality of service that our customers can expect from us in the future; to customise content that we or our advertising partners display to you, for example, so that we can make sure you see the advertising which is most relevant to you, based on characteristics determined by us;

to get in touch with you to hear your opinions and suggestions regarding our services, as well as to let you know about any significant updates or changes to the Site or our offerings—such as the launch of our services in a new region at your request;

to enforce our contractual terms with you and any other agreement; to analyse your activity on the Site to administer, support, improve, and grow our business; to employ statistical and analytical tools and assist us in preventing fraud; to exercise or defend legal rights; and to safeguard the rights of Moderndrycleaners, facility partners, scouts, or others (including to prevent fraud). If you provide comments and feedback about the site and the services, we may use them in any marketing or advertising materials. For this agreement, we will only use your first name and the city in which you currently reside.

To build profiles about you and for you, we will also evaluate information about how you use our services based on location data. This means that we might assume certain things about what you might be interested in and use that information, for example, to send you more specialised marketing messages, show you things we think you’ll like, or inform you of exclusive deals or goods (like Moderndrycleaners for Business) that we think you might find interesting. Profiling is the term used to describe this action. It is within your rights to do this kind of processing. Kindly refer to the ‘Your Rights’ segment beneath for additional details.

We do a “balancing test” to make sure that our processing of your personal information is required and that our legitimate interests do not outweigh your fundamental rights to privacy when we depend on that basis. By contacting us using the information above, you can learn more about these balance tests.

When required by law, we may use your information for the following purposes:

Keep a record of your order or orders and adhere to any legal or regulatory requirements that may apply to us.

Modern Dry Cleaners for Businesses

We also use the information you provide to us to see whether you would be interested in learning more about our laundry service for businesses.

We may use the contact information you have provided to get in touch with you (by phone or email) to inform you about our Moderndrycleaners for Business service if we believe you might be interested in it. The controllers of this data are us.

We will get in touch with you to inform you that you can use the Moderndrycleaners for Business service if your employer signs up for it. We will mark your Moderndrycleaners account as having a Moderndrycleaners for Business allowance if you choose to accept your employer’s offer to utilise Moderndrycleaners for Business. We are serving as your employer’s data processor for these two activities (who is the controller of this information?). For additional details, kindly get in touch with your employer.

After utilising Moderndrycleaners for Business, you will:

Your information will be processed for the reasons mentioned in Section 4 above. We will be the information controller for this, and we will also give your employer access to personal information about your order. Moderndrycleaners and your employer will handle this data in different ways.


You have the option to configure your browser to notify you when a website sets or accesses cookies, or to reject all or some browser cookies. Please be aware that certain features of the site may stop working or become inaccessible if you reject or disable cookies. Please visit to view our Cookie Policy for more details on the cookies we use.

Direct advertising

We may use your information to contact you by phone or email to notify you about our other products and services that we think you would find interesting, if you have permitted us to do so or if we have a legitimate reason to do so (and are legally allowed to do so). Your preferences for email marketing can be adjusted by:

browsing the website or our mobile app;

selecting “Account” (located under the drop-down menu on our website).

automated judgement

Every customer is subject to fraud checks by us. We have the right to prevent you from using our site and placing orders if we suspect fraudulent conduct.

For us to fulfil our contractual obligations to customers—namely, making sure that the services we render are properly paid for—we share your information with our fraud investigators, who run fraud checks on every one of them. This protects the individuals themselves from fraudulent card transactions.

In addition to the established industry fraud indications that our specialist fraud detection team uses to build a profile of the provider and make it available to us, other factors that go into the checks and judgements we make include fraud trends we have found on our site. These are combined to produce an automatic score that shows the probability of a fraudulent transaction. We reserve the right to reject an order or even ban you from using our services if our systems show that you have a high score. Since the precise fraud indicators are dynamic, they will vary based on the kinds of fraud that are being found at any given time on our site, in our country, and in the larger world.

Regarding this activity, you have certain rights; for further details, read the ‘Your Rights’ section below. We have fraud detection in place to safeguard ModernDryCleaners as well as all of our clients. By contacting us as instructed in section 1 above, you have the right to challenge any fraud determination made against you and to receive further information about the reasons behind the decision.

Preservation of your data

We won’t keep your information around for longer than we deem appropriate.

The information we gather will be kept for as long as is necessary to achieve the goals mentioned in the section above under “Use of my information,” by our legitimate interest, or for the length of time stipulated by any applicable laws or regulations, such as keeping the data for regulatory reporting needs.

We shall consider the following criteria to determine the appropriate retention periods:

our rights and obligations under contracts regarding the information in question; any legal requirements to keep data for a specific amount of time; any applicable statutes of limitations;

if we have performed balancing checks, our legitimate interests (see the section above on “How we use your personal information”);

disagreements and directives from pertinent data protection authorities.

If not, we securely destroy your information when it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was gathered.

Disclosure of your information

We will send and store the information we gather about you on our servers, which are situated in the European Union. Regarding the other parties with whom we disclose your information, we are extremely cautious and open.

revealing your data to outside parties

Your information is shared by us with outside service providers. The categories of outside service providers with whom we exchange your data are as follows:

Payment providers (including online payment providers and fraud detection providers): in order to perform services for us, such as processing credit card payments or other types of information processing, offering you support, or conducting fraud investigations;

IT service providers (cloud providers included): for data analysis and storage needs;

Partners in the dry cleaning business: with whom you placed your order so they can complete it, know about any skin allergies you volunteered to disclose, fix problems, or enhance their offerings;

Scouts: for them to bring your order to you;

Partners in customer support: who will assist us in resolving any problems you might be experiencing with our services; and

Partners in marketing and advertising: so they can make sure you see more relevant ads and send you emails promoting our services.

When transferring your data to third parties, Modern Dry Cleaners will take all reasonable precautions to make sure it is handled securely and in compliance with this privacy policy.

Your information might be given to the target firm, our new business partners, owners, or their advisors if our company forms a joint venture with, buys out, sells to, or merges with another business entity.

We might also divulge your data to:

if we feel we have a duty to comply with any legal requirement or regulatory requirement, or if we are required by law to reveal or share your information to do so. This includes sharing data with other businesses and organisations to prevent and detect fraud as well as to uphold our end of the bargain with you and any other agreements;

to defend the interests of Modern Dry Cleaners partners in dry cleaning businesses, scouts, or others, including stopping fraud; and with any other parties that we judiciously believe are required to stop criminality, like the police.


To guarantee that the personal information we have on file about you is appropriately protected, we implement strong rules and systems.

We take precautions to guard your information from unauthorised access, improper processing, unintentional loss, destruction, and damage.

In cases where you have selected a password to grant you access to specific areas of the Site, it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of this password. We recommend that you keep your password confidential.

Regretfully, information transmitted via the Internet is not entirely safe. You communicate any data to the Site at your own risk; we cannot guarantee the security of the data you transmit, even though we will take precautions to protect it. We will attempt to prevent unauthorised access using stringent protocols and security features after we have received your information.

Your entitlements

Regarding the information we have about you, you may be entitled to several rights under data protection law. Please use the contact information provided above to get in touch with our Data protection officer if you would like to exercise any of these rights. Please see below and get in touch with your data protection authorities for further information on your rights.

the right to information. You have the right to information about our use of your information that is easy to understand, transparent, and explicit about your rights. We are giving you the details in this policy for this reason.

the access rights. If your information is being processed by us, you have the right to access it. You will be able to verify, for instance, that we are using your information in compliance with data protection regulations. Please contact us using the details listed in the Contact Details if you would like to access the information we have about you.

the entitlement to correction. If any of your information is incomplete or erroneous, you have the right to have it updated. By contacting us (see Contact Details), you can ask that any mistakes in the information we have about you be corrected.

the ability to expunge. This is also referred to as “the right to be forgotten,” and it allows you to contact us (see Contact Details) and ask that any or all of the information we have about you be deleted or removed.

the authority to limit processing. You are entitled to ‘prevent’ or suppress additional uses of your data. We can still keep your information while processing is restricted, but we won’t use it going forward.

the freedom to transfer data. You are entitled to receive your data from various service providers in an easily readable and transferable format so that you can utilise it for your own needs. There are certain exclusions to this general entitlement, though. Please contact us (see Contact Details) to find out more.

the ability to file a grievance. You have the right to file a complaint with the national data protection authority regarding how we manage or use your information.

the ability to revoke consent. You have the right to revoke your consent at any moment if you have granted it for anything we do with your information (i.e. if we handle your information based on consent). To accomplish this, get in touch with us (see Contact Details). However, if consent is given, withdrawing it will not make our use of your information illegal.

Changes to our privacy policy

Any modifications to our privacy statement will be published on the Site, and we will notify you of them by email or push notification when applicable.

Last update of this privacy statement: January 07, 2024

Complaints You can file a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) using the following information if you’re dissatisfied with our response to any complaints or think that the way we processed your information violates data protection law:

Email dress:

WhatsApp or call: +971 55 781 4700